Air Shipments

Procoex Transitarios is an IATA agent (International Air Transport Association), a member of ATEIA (Freight Forwarders’ Association of Madrid) and an RA accredited agent by the AESA (Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency) to handle secure cargo.

We handle all sorts of air shipments from simple documents and small packages through large volumes of cargo. If your goods or personal effects can’t wait, air shipment is your best option.

Our relationships with the airlines operating in Spain, which cover every international airport in the world, allow us to get your shipment to its destination in the quickest, most effective way possible.

Likewise, if you need to bring cargo from any point in the world to Spain, our network of international agents (TIACA will handle your cargo at its origin and ship it to Spain or any other destination of your choosing.

  • Door-to-Door Shipments
  • Door-to-Airport Shipments
  • Airport-to-Airport Shipments
  • Air consolidation or groupage shipments
  • Local transport and home pick-up
  • Customs procedures (permanent or temporary customs clearance)
  • Packaging, marking and labelling of goods
  • Guidance on documents
  • Transport insurance
  • Customs inspections prior to shipment
  • Secure storage with CCTV monitoring in our own warehouses.
  • Daily dispatches on the first available flight
  • Exclusive charter flights
  • Tracking shipments
  • Transport of dangerous goods

DOOR-TO-DOOR SHIPMENTS: We pick up at your business or home and deliver to the recipient’s door, taking care of all customs formalities at the origin and destination.

DOOR-TO-AIRPORT SHIPMENTS: We pick up at your business or home and deliver to any airport in the world.

AIRPORT-TO-AIRPORT OR DOOR SHIPMENTS: The dispatcher delivers directly to our warehouse and we transport to any airport or address in the world.

AIR CONSOLIDATION OR GROUPAGE: We group your cargo along with that of other dispatchers to make shipping more affordable without sacrificing the speed of air transport.

CHARTERS: Do you need a plane just to transport your cargo and passengers? We’ll take care of it.

DANGEROUS GOODS: Dangerous goods shipped by air must be properly packaged, labelled and accompanied by a duly completed Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD) in line with IATA regulations on dangerous goods. Many shipments may be delayed or denied if they don’t comply with these regulations, as airlines are very strict about applying them. Procoex Transitarios takes care of everything so your shipment arrives as soon as possible.

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