Airport shipments

Freight forwarding tends to require an airplane for this type of transport. This means is commonly used in these cases.

As airports are transit hubs with very particular complications, like security controls, etc., if you are going to ship any type of package to an airport you should do so with a company that guarantees it won’t have any problems in this complicated process.

How Shipping to an Airport Works.

If you want to ship goods in this way, here at Procoex Transitarios, we can help you. You, as the dispatcher, can bring the object you want to send into our warehouse and we will take care of sending it anywhere in the world, ensuring the safest packaging and the professionalism of our staff, which has extensive experience in this type of shipments. We follow the same procedures as for shipments to international ports, so if you are interested in this shipping method don’t hesitate to contact us.

Airport Shipment Guarantee

Procoex Transitarios, as a company with extensive experience in the sector, is committed to ensuring the security of your goods or packages sent to the airport or port of your choice, which will be safely packaged in the most appropriate materials. However, with this service we can’t guarantee the conditions on arrival of the objects you are sending, as we are only responsible for them until they reach the destination airport or port.