Port-to-Port Shipments


Are you planning to ship goods from one international port to another?

You may have found yourself mired in complicated paperwork, customs conflicts or other processes that can be quite arduous for those who aren’t used to how these hectic places work. That’s why it’s much better to count on a reliable, experienced company that can easily take care of all of these services for you, including port-to-port shipping.

Here at Procoex Transitarios, we have extensive experience in this type of shipments. We take care of the whole process, until the time your package reaches its destination port. Don’t worry about the exhausting processes in between. As the dispatcher, you only have to come to our warehouse and leave us the item you want to send, tell us where it needs to go and we’ll take care of the rest.

We package your item with the most appropriate materials, prepare all the necessary shipping documents, handle customs procedures or loading onto the ship. We can send items of any type to any port in Spain or the world. If you need to send something using this method, don’t hesitate to contact us.